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Ginscape Sea Buckthorn gin at bar

Ginscape London Dry Gin is distilled with sea buckthorn berries from the Danish island Bornholm.

A perfect and elegant impression. Elegant nose with soft notes of sea buckthorn and distinctive tints of crispy juniper. Smooth and soft base with stunning balance between juniper, coriander, citrus and orange, and a smooth finish with notes of sea buckthorn that vanishes into light liquorice.

Ginscape is a new and modern passionate Danish gin bringning your gin & tonic as well as your cocktail to a new and higher level.

Ginscape is distilled at a world leading gin distillery.

Tasting notes World Gin Awards Gold:

Muted green citrus. Rich and oily on the palate. Chewy bark and earthy coriander. A floral tone lifts the finish. A pleasant creaminess with a solid juniper backbone.

ABV: 43.7 %.

CONTENT: 0.7 litre.

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EAN Carton 6 pcs: 5700002059727

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