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Ginscape Navy Strength is a Premium London Dry Gin distilled with sea buckthorn berries from the Danish island Bornholm.

A perfect and elegant impression with extravagant lavishness in taste and ABV. Rich and powerfull, yet impeccably balanced, with crispy juniper, coriander and citrus, and with a delicate touch of Sea Buckthorn that vanishes into beautiful floral flourish with notes of rousing licorice towards the end ties the gin together nicely.

GinScape is a new and modern passionate Danish gin for the professionel segment and expirenced gin lovers, bringning your gin & tonic as well as your cocktail to a new and much higher level.

ABV: 57.2 %.

CONTENT: 0.7 litre.

EAN: 5700002059772

SKU: 20009002

EAN Carton 6 pcs: 5700002059789

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